The Story

Sinead O’Brien – Ceo & Founder

“It is my mission to surpass the ordinary, and lead my guests to experience the real soul of Ireland the way I know it. Ireland is a country that I am so proud of, and so I have made it my business to give my clients an inspired, unique, stylish and luxurious insight into a country that I know and love. My duty is to create the most amazing memories that will last a lifetime, and keep my clients coming back for more.”


Seagreen Travel was born of an enduring love for Ireland paired with an in-depth knowledge and connection with the country. Founded in 2016 by Sinead O’Brien from Co. Clare and Co. Dublin, this very unique travel service offers an authentic and hard to come by insight into the magic of Ireland. Through the eyes of Irish nationals and specialists in travel, Seagreen Travel works closely with its clients to create the most innovative and authentic travel experiences. From bespoke and off the beaten track cultural activities, such as whiskey tastings in a candlelit shebeen and personalized local food experiences with renowned Irish chefs, the team at Seagreen Travel has a wealth of knowledge and contacts at its fingers tips to help you create the most authentically Irish journey. Exclusively focused on creating unique and memorable moments, Seagreen Travel handcrafts every aspect of your trip – from when you touch down at the airport to your departure, to where you can find the most delicious meals and the most beautiful beaches – creating tailor-made itineraries to match every conceivable wish list.


Thanks to the Founder’s in-depth knowledge and experience of traveling in Ireland, and around the world, today her clients benefit from her passion, perspective and understanding of her unique home nation.  With memories of running down sand dunes on rainy beaches, enjoying seafood brown bread sandwiches beside a roaring fire, and seeing the sky turn the most magnificent shades of red in the evening on long drives through the countryside, Sinead offers a breadth of knowledge and passion for her childhood home like no other. She took growing up with the freshest air in the world, and its vast areas of green spaces for granted until she began travelling around the world to South East Asia, New Zealand, Australia, spent time in Africa, lived in France, and moved to New York City. It was then that she really began to see Ireland through foreign eyes, and appreciate it for the incredibly special and truly magical place that it is. ​


Having worked in luxury hotels in Corporate Sales in Manhattan, and as Managing Director for a New York Family Office starting and growing operating businesses to exit stage, O’Brien was often asked by C Suite clients about where to go in Ireland. Frustrated to realize that the best of the Ireland that she knew and loved was not being showcased, she realized the opportunity and her calling to work full time as an Irish luxury travel specialist. Blending her understanding of discerning US clientele, with her unique access and on-the-ground relationships in Ireland, she knew that she could really provide a superior experience for people. Out of this pride and passion, Seagreen Travel was born and today assists clients throughout the United States to create memorable bespoke travel itineraries across Ireland.